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Being Amazing!


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Well hello there! Its me! The positivity throwing, hope growing Amazing Alex and yes, I am extremely extra for typing all of that.  I know my early post have been centered around consistency, commitment, and consciousness; these are the three C’s that I believe will help reinforce the change that you are seeking.  To understand why I choose these three C’s is to understand why I call myself Amazing Alex.

Take a moment and say the word amazing out loud to yourself.  How did it make you feel? Well, when I say the word amazing out loud to myself, I feel extremely confident.  How I imagine Spider-Man felt the first time that he swung from his spider web successfully from building to building. The confidence you feel as a woman when you decide to try a new hairstyle for the first time and you really rock it.  The Spider-Man metaphor reminds me of the many attempts that it took for me to become confident and the hair metaphor reflects my inner energy level of confidence that projects out to the world.  Say the word out loud again……Amazing.

When I think of the word amazing, I don’t think of a negative experience.  I think of an amazing time, amazing place, amazing feelings, amazing experiences and amazing as being filled with wonder.  Throw Alex behind it and BOOM! You get this explosive personality that enjoys motivating other people and providing people with the tools they need to strive towards being and feeling amazing.  Amazingness is fluent and the best part of it all is that you define what amazing means to you.  Whether it is an experience, accomplishment, and/or feeling, throw Amazing in front of it and let me know how it makes you feel.

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