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4 Amazing Tips to Help You Stay Consistent With Your Goals

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Well hello there, it is I, the positivity spreading, you shall over come reminder, Amazing Alex!  Consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency…what exactly does it mean and why is it important when it comes to your goals?  Take some time to think about the goals you have set for yourself this year.  Did you get past writing your goals down or are you in the action phase?  Do you feel stuck?  Consistency is taking one goal, zooming in on it, and investing time each day towards that specific goal until you’ve achieved it.  Here are four amazing tips to help you stay consistent.

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  1. Continue to write your goals down and focus.

In order to maintain consistency, it is extremely important that you know exactly what you want.  Write it down and zoom in on one “get it done” task at a time.


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  1. If you want consistency, think consistent.

Consistent behavior is reinforced by consistent thinking.  This tip is easier to say than it is to do; it takes practice.  Each day you stay consistent helps you practice consistency.

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  1. Don’t get defeated by self-doubt.

Self-doubt destroys consistency.  Imagine self-doubt as a Negative Nancy, this person shoots down every idea that you have.  A Negative Nancy has no faith in you or your work and is constantly holding you back.  Please escort Negative Nancy (self-doubt) out of your house and out of your mind. Feelings of self-doubt is often caused by negative automatic thoughts.  These type of thoughts are random and come from our subconscious in response to everyday events.

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  1. Don’t feel like doing it? Do it anyway.

Building consistency is being aware of how the task makes you feel; however, you must be able to believe that you can push through the momentary discomfort.  Imagine how you would feel once you completed the task.   Better yet, imagine how far you’ve come before you decide to quit working towards a goal that you’ve already started on.

Utilizing these four amazing tips can help you organize your short term and long-term goals.  Try these tips out as you continue with your amazing journey and let me know how it goes.

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