The Power of Starbucks

IMG_2860Well hello there! Its me, the press forward, invest in yourself believer, Amazing Alex! A surge of feelings spill over me as I type this post because I did it! I received my Master’s in Counseling Psychology!  The past two years have been bittersweet for me; long nights, numerous papers, and plenty and I mean plenty of Caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks.  There are several things I’ve learned about myself over the past two years; willpower, patience and consistency.   I have lost track of the many times that I had to stay at home instead of hanging out with family or friends.  My phone became my worse enemy!  Checking the time on my phone would lead to checking notifications and eventually mindless strolling down my Facebook news feed.  Yet, I would always find the strength to put my phone on silent or completely cut  my phone off.


I remember the day I decided to pursue an higher education.  I was working as a Lead Behavior Coach during the time at a special day school for children with various behavior issues.  As a Behavior Coach, I conducted groups centered around Nicholas Hobbs twelve principles of Re-Education for working with youth who have emotional and/or behavioral disorders.  Yet, I wanted to do more to help them.  I learned very quickly that majority of the children that attended this school did not have the proper tools to deal with the trauma that they’ve experienced.  For many of them, my groups provided  them an opportunity to built trust, self-control, self-esteem, confidence, deal with anger, and how to make healthier choices.  These children will one day become adults, and I hope my time with them made an impact.  I couldn’t help but think….how many adults are walking around dealing with trauma in an unhealthy way?  This very thought propelled me forward to explore a chance to give back to society in a major way.


Emotions play a big role in our lives; it  influences how we think and how we behave.  The emotions that we feel each day impacts the decisions we make in our lives, both small and big.  Obtaining my master’s degree has set me on the path to teach others coping strategies to deal with life stressors that are not detrimental to one’s well-being.  Journey with me as I blog through my experience  of becoming  a Licensed Professional Counselor.  Along the way I will share with you various techniques to cope with the numerous emotions that we experience throughout the day; I will also share with you my very own experience when I use these copings skills for myself.  As always, through your consistency, commitment and consciousness, lets move forward towards being and feeling amazing together!



When you think about the word amazing, you think of other words such as astonishing, great wonder, or maybe the word surprise. Journey with me on this road of mental health awareness, positivity ,and motivation because we are all amazing.

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