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Are you Stressed?

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Well hello there!  Its me, bridging hope Amazing Alex!  We need to talk  about stress and what it really is.  Stress is a response that may occur due to life changes.  Life is always evolving and changing around us and to us; whether its work, adjusting to a new school, changes in a marriage, or even death of a loved one.  I wish I can tell you that completely avoiding stress is possible.  I wish I can take stress, crumble it up like a piece of paper and hurl it into the wind.  Stress can take on many forms and impact all of us differently.  Eliminating all stress should not be your goal but eliminating unnecessary stress can help effectively manage the rest of it.  Remember, we are all humans and some common causes of stress that many people experience can be different for each of us.  Here are some examples on how to recognize how you may  experience stress:



The amazing key point  that I would like for you to take away from this is to eliminate stressors when you can.  Ask yourself theses key questions:

  • What is causing me to be stressed out?
  • Does this stress really have a purpose in my life?
  • What will happen if  I don’t control my stress?

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