3 Amazing Tips to Combat Self-Doubt



Well hello there, it’s me, Amazing Alex!  Life can be overwhelming at times and doubt can creep into your mind.  Doubt is a combined feeling of uncertainty, hesitation,  and confusion.  When that happens, take a deep breath and pause.  I have a question for you, is your self-doubt coming from your own negative self -talk or from negative people around you?  Has anyone ever told you:

“That’s too difficult; there’s no way you can do that.” 

“What happens if you fail? You know failure is hard for you to take in; you will never forgive yourself.”

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Have you ever wondered, where are they getting these negative comments from? Often, these negative individuals may feel that they are protecting you from getting hurt.   Let them know you got this, and you will be fine.  Sometimes people project their own feelings of self-doubt about themselves onto you.  Guess what you can tell them:


   “ I have a different perspective; sorry you feel that way, but this is my own journey.”


People may even be jealous that you are trying something new while they are stuck in their routine  and are afraid of stepping out of their own comfort zone.  I can go on and on about the many ways people are negative and discouraging.  You are the CEO of your life and you have the power to demote, promote or fire the people you have around you.  Take some time out and monitor who you have  around you.  Pay close attention to the people that motivate you or hinder you; then create healthy boundaries that serves your mental health.    What happens if the negative self-talk is coming from you?  Here are three amazing tips to challenge self-doubt:


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“Challenge the negative thoughts. “

This step really takes practice, for example, you can tell yourself:

“This isn’t going to be an easy road but following my dreams are important to me.               I’m  willing to invest the time and work into making it happen.” 

“Create long-term goals and break them down into short-term goals.”

It’s easy to doubt yourself when the task resembles a giant picture of the finishing project; break the project down into puzzle pieces.  This step will help you organize your goals instead of getting overwhelmed with the steps that it will take to accomplish your dreams.


You never know what you are capable of until you try.  Well, this is what this step is all about.  Life can be filled with a bunch of “what ifs” or “I did,” the choice is yours.  Take a jab at these steps and let me know if they helped  with any self-doubt you’ve been dealing with lately.  How do you overcome your self-doubt? Comment below and share your amazing story.


When you think about the word amazing, you think of other words such as astonishing, great wonder, or maybe the word surprise. Journey with me on this road of mental health awareness, positivity ,and motivation because we are all amazing.

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