Who’s Alex?

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Well hello there! Its me! Amazing Alex!  I have been in the mental health field for five years and counting.  I’ve had numerous titles; Mental Health Assistant, Lead Behavior Coach, Behavior Specialist and currently a Counselor. My time in each role is a reflection of my dedication to continue my education in order to provide my  clients with adequate services.  As I work towards my license in counseling, I will share with you  coping skills, biliotherapy, and motivation.   I try to be amazing even if I drink my coffee or not to start my day.  Even if I get road rage while driving to work but what I realize is the importance of happiness.  Happiness is not just a feeling it is a state of well-being, it is an experience.  Just like a map there is more than one way to get to a state of well-being that is satisfying to you.  Just like a map there are roadblocks, dead ends, and yield signs that may deter you from your destination.  Guess what? There is  this  thing called construction that gives us the tools to help pave the way, sometimes it sucks to have to do the work to get there.  So its ok to have a little road rage on the way, its ok to pull over for a moment, and its ok to look at my blog.  Enjoy the ride!